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Hello, and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. I hope it gives you a glimpse of my uniquely sensual personality. As you can see if you explore a little further, I am a warm and romantic mix of Latin and European influences, an international businesswoman who, for now, is focused on providing high-class companionship to generous and educated men.

I love the excitement and the new experiences that travelling provide and I am getting to know a wonderful variety of lovely people around the world. I hope you will soon become one of them. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to find out more.


Domination Escorts

Being established for centuries, gender roles dictate certain standards of behavior in intimate relationships. Men need to seduce, while women are to resist. Men attack, women give up at the winner’s discretion. Well, blondes escorts entrust men leading roles. Girls are doomed to be slaves. Oppositely, it results in a role-play with "Mrs." and "servant". Scientists refute the stereotype. Along with English rose escorts, they believe female adherence to traditional sex roles makes women feel less comfortable in bedroom. A survey of 357 women and 126 men aged 18 to 29 (all heterosexual) showed: women not always believe male dominance in sex is required. Many a level escorts rule the. Both girls and their partners like it. Elite duo escorts claim women are take the lead, when it comes to sex life. But, only up to 29 years. Also, all respondents were offered free female condoms: stored in glass containers, they stated: "Protect yourself and your partner. Please, take a few! Free female condoms."

Domination escorts in London provide real sex ambulance assistance around the clock! Charming and skilled London escorts will approach the issue of healing with inexhaustible imagination. Great experience in sexual rescue service allows them immediately getting you back to life! London submissives know about benefits of sex for health. Medical researches state: bad mood, insomnia, frequent colds and lack of exercises are successfully treated with regular healthy sex. Wherever you are - capital, London region or even outside it - charming petite escorts London girls will be next to you at the earliest possible date. They are ready to instantly relieve your pain and realize most incredible fantasies. You certainly have own preferences. We are pleased to find you a girl that will fully comply with them. Do not forget to look in "Our Girls' section and make sure we hire only the best! By the way, this section is constantly updated. Since there is no limit to perfection, just imagine how many unforgettable beauties are waiting you in future...

Red color: why is it sexy?

Sexual symbolism of red color has long been known. Beautiful London escort girls admit: perception of red as one’s readiness for sexual contact tends to have evolutionary explanation. To test this hypothesis, British researchers set a simple experiment. They took four pictures of several female reproductive organs. Each picture showed genitalia of different color: from pale pink to red. Then, they involved forty males to evaluate sexual attractiveness of each option. The results showed: men find different shades of pink more attractive than those of red. Thus, London busty escort girls see historical memory of primates triggered in this case rather disappeared. There are some explanations. Red color lost its value. Unlike oriental escorts, most women use it only by inertia. On the other hand, red is still a symbol of danger. Probably, its stimulating effect may be due to a reaction to overcome obstacles and obtain final award. Anyway, girls from escort agencies wear colors of your wish. Just choose a proper option and enjoy wonderful leisure time.